Client cases


Eneco invests in improving customer contact and in doing so continuous improvement is important. With Seamly, the possibilities are extensive. One example is the conversation preparation for live chat and putting customers in touch with the right employee. Also, letting customers apply changes directly in the chatbot.

Within weeks, the same interface was integrated easily into the app. And in different environments, such as the app and customer portal, the chatbot even provides different answers with specific content that further help users on that particular topic. For example, when a customer doesn’t complete a process, such as requesting a payment arrangement.

In 2019, the Netherlands Consumers’ Association investigated the waiting times and accessibility of customer service. Eneco was compared to eight other energy suppliers and was rated best with a 9,8 for digital contact.

More cases

Digital conversations are the front line of your organization in this era. With Seamly, those conversations are completely designed in the look and feel of your company.

Bram Lenten