Client cases


Seamly has also been implemented at hollandsnieuwe. The result of this is an improved digital assistant that can help customers in a more efficient way. Her name is Anouk, and in the past months we’ve embraced her as our own child. Anouk has been updated with new features, making it easier for customers to attend to their mobile subscriptions. Additionally, we’ve made the lives of customer service representatives easier as well.

Seamly as a nexus of information streams

Seamly enables Customer Service Agents to enter a live chat as prepared as they can be. Tracebuzz is connected through Seamly to the digital assistant, sending the entire chat log to an employee when a customer wants to start a live chat with them. Additionally, Medailla is integrated within Anouk’s system. This is a separate module that asks for feedback from the customer, ensuring Anouk will keep on improving herself. What sets this feature apart from other systems, is that the feedback form is invoked from within the dialog window. After that, the information is sent to the appropriate database for further processing.

Possibilities for the customer, more efficient customer service

We’ve also provided transactional dialogues to aid customers of hollandsnieuwe. For example, a customer only needs to enter their postal code to check if there are any malfunctions of the mobile network in their area. In addition, we’ve added some nifty quality-of-life features. First of all, we’ve enabled the customer to return to an idle chat without any of the previous information being lost. This way, customers don’t need to repeat themselves. Another feature is that we enabled Seamly to provide an agent with the previous chat log even if your customer accidentally closed their chat window. It’s also possible to send a transcript via email to the customer.

Voice Chat

In addition, we added something pretty cool if a customer wants to contact them by telephone. When calling to hollandsnieuwe they are greeted by Anouk. Anouk is capable of talking and listening to personal information when she asks for it. This information is sent to the Customer Service Agent when continuing to a live chat or telephone conversation. Thus, we’ve automated a task for the employees of hollandsnieuwe..