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Even better customer service

In addition to our presentation and integration platform, we have developed various additional modules in collaboration with our customers. These modules make the implementation more widely available, relevant and smarter.


Seamly Voice

No more waiting times or complex menu options with Seamly Voice. You can manage all calls efficiently as it replaces your traditional menu and provides instant responses to customer inquiries.

If that's not possible, the customer is seamlessly transferred to the right employee, fully prepared to address their inquiries.

Seamly Voice is compatible with any customer service system. Seamly connects via SIP or PSTN and provides various APIs to retrieve or send data.


Seamly Transactional

Customers scheduling their own appointments, adjusting subscriptions, changing installment amounts, checking delivery statuses, or setting up payment arrangements.

With Seamly Transactional, we integrate your back-end systems and automate processes. This allows you to personalise conversations, enabling customers to fully settle their business by themselves

Make a real impact on your customers and take the next step in digital conversations with Seamly Transactional.


Seamly Messaging

Empower your customers to engage with your organization on any channel at any time. With Seamly Messaging, you can reach your target audience on their preferred communication channel.

Offering asynchronous chats allows for continuous visibility of the chat history, enabling both employees and customers to respond at their convenience. Notifications keep your customers informed about the latest messages. We also synchronize chats between the app and the web environment. Social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and Instagram can be seamlessly integrated.

Elevate the digital conversation experience with Seamly Messaging.


Seamly Translations

Are you operating in different countries? Do you want to increase inclusivity or, for example, handle peak demands in other regions?

Seamly Translations offers automatic and real-time translation of entire conversations, including both chatbot and live chat services, as well as the entire user interface. Available in 110 languages.

Translations are easily activated based on the user's choice or, for example, browser language detection. Both the customer and the employee can communicate in their native language.

Enhance your accessibility and flexibility with Seamly Translations.


Seamly A.I.

Relieve yourself of tedious tasks and enhance processes with the power of generative A.I.

With Seamly A.I., we automatically and instantly summarize conversations from chatbot, live chat, and even telephone interactions. Through emotion detection, we recognize customer emotions and assist the chatbot in providing empathetic responses, ensuring that customers feel helped and heard. Using data normalisation, we translate complex inputs, such as postal codes or dates, into usable data for systems and employees.

The possibilities with generative A.I. are limitless. Make your customer service future-proof with Seamly A.I.


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