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Seamly offers the best collaboration between chatbots and key systems for companies. Exchange conversation information quickly and securely with live chat, CRM, feedback platforms and more! All through one conversational interface for the ultimate user experience.
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Seamly benefits

The best user experience

The Seamly conversational interface is optimized to have the best digital conversations with your customers. The interface is fully designed to match your organization’s corporate identity. If a customer switches from the conversation with the chatbot to a live chat employee, they simply stay in the same conversation. The conversation history and additional information is sent along so that the conversation can be continued.

A personal solution anytime and anywhere

Seamly integrates with back-end systems, CRM and feedback platforms to fully personalize the conversation. With our Transactional module, you can offer customers an automated solution. Anytime (24×7) and anywhere (web, app, voice). Requesting a bill, changing address or reporting damage will never be the same again.

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Seamly results

Amount of weekly interactions
Total integrations
Total implementations




We proactively improve integrations with the APIs of the linked platforms to guarantee a permanent good and stable connection. In addition, we continuously optimize the accessibility of our interfaces.


Seamly controls the entire session from chatbot to chat and from chat to CRM, allowing us to generate data on drop-out ratios, potential of live chat, skill routings and transactional insights. This makes it clear where optimization is needed.


The Seamly core is modularly expandable with:

  • Seamly Transactional Layer (link with back-end applications),
  • Seamly Voice Layer (chatbot technology in the IVR),
  • Seamly Messaging Layer (a-synchronous handling of conversations),
  • Seamly Translational Layer (automated translation of conversations)



Per month


  • Connections: 1 platform
  • Accounts: 1 implementation
  • Interface in look & feel of your brand
  • Daily and weekly reporting



Per month


  • Connections: 3 platforms
  • Accounts: 3 implementations
  • Interface in look & feel of your brand
  • Daily and weekly reporting


Customized rate


  • Connections: unlimited platforms
  • Accounts: unlimited implementations
  • Interface in look & feel of your brand
  • Daily and weekly reporting

Seamly integrations and connections

Seamly integrates with Inbenta
Seamly integrates with Salesforce
Seamly integrates with Zendesk
Seamly integrates with Genesys
Seamly integrates with Live Person
Seamly integrates with Avaya
Seamly integrates with Digital CX
Seamly integrates with Cobrowser
Seamly integrates with DialogFlow
Seamly integrates with Live Assist
Seamly integrates with IBM Watson
Seamly integrates with Twilio
Hubspot and Seamly
Seamly integrates with MS Dynamics
Seamly integrates with M opinition
Seamly integrates with Usabilla
Seamly integrates with Facebook
Seamly integrates with Whatsapp

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