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Seamly offers the best collaboration between chatbots and key systems for companies. Exchange conversation information quickly and securely with live chat, CRM, feedback platforms and more! All through one conversational interface for the ultimate user experience.
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Seamly benefits

Improve user experience and work efficiently

If a user switches from a chatbot to a live chat employee, the user remains on the same screen. The conversation history and possibly additional information is sent along during the switch. The employee can then pick up the conversation where the user left off and the user doesn’t have to repeat anything. Making the experience much more pleasant for the user and more efficient for the employee.

Innovate platform-independently and faster

Enrich a chatbot by connecting with existing systems already used in the organization, such as call center and CRM platforms. Seamly integrates with the best digital solutions in the market. Stay independent and scalable with Seamly, even if a digital solution needs to be replaced. Also, take advantage of our ongoing innovations through biweekly releases.

The best conversational interface

Go for the best conversational interface. The Seamly conversational interface has been extensively tested in practice and optimized into the best design. In addition, our interfaces can be completely styled to the look and feel of your brand.

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Seamly results

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Access new functionalities and integrations through biweekly releases. Seamly offers:

Preventive and corrective maintenance

If necessary, we proactively restore and improve integrations with the APIs of different platforms. We work continuously on maximum accessibility of our interfaces and maximize browser compatibility.

Renewal and Innovation

Gain access to expansions and improvements of Seamly through biweekly releases. These consist of new connections, optimizations of integrations and other improvements.

Dashboard insight

Seamly controls the entire session from chatbot to chat and from chat to CRM giving you concrete tools on drop-out ratios, live chat potential, and on which topics help is needed. This makes it clear where and how optimization is required for optimizing user experiences.

Guidance and technical support

We provide support within 3 hours during office hours and outside office hours within 6 hours. Need help? Please report and describe the issue through our online form. For escalations, we are available by telephone via 06-13715327.



Per month


  • Users and sessions: unlimited
  • Integrations: 1 channel
  • Connections: 1 platform
  • Interface in look & feel of your brand
  • Adjustments: 2 hours p.m.




Per month


  • Users and sessions: unlimited
  • Integrations: 3 channels
  • Connections: 3 platforms
  • Backend integrations: 1
  • Interface in look & feel of your brand
  • Adjustments: 2 hours p.m.


Customized rate


  • Users and sessions: unlimited
  • Integrations: unlimited channels
  • Connections: unlimited platforms
  • Backend integrations: unlimited
  • Interface fully styled
  • Adjustments: customized hours

Seamly integrations and connections

Seamly integrates with Salesforce
Seamly integrates with Live Assist
Seamly integrates with Genesys
Seamly integrates with Digital CX
Seamly integrates with Cobrowser
Seamly integrates with Live Person
Seamly integrates with Inbenta
Seamly integrates with DialogFlow
Seamly integrates with Zendesk
Seamly integrates with IBM Watson
Seamly integrates with web
Seamly integrates with webview
Seamly integrates with native apps
Seamly integrates with Facebook
Seamly integrates with Whatsapp
Seamly integrates with Avaya
Seamly integrates with Twilio
Hubspot and Seamly
Seamly integrates with MS Dynamics
Seamly integrates with Sugar CRM
Seamly integrates with M opinition
Seamly integrates with Usabilla
Seamly integrates with Tealium

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