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Seamly platform

Seamly is the leading integration platform for digital conversations. Specifically designed to support businesses dealing with a fragmented IT landscape and a growing number of customer interactions.


Settle everything in one digital conversation

Through seamless integration and our best-in-class interface, we ensure that digital conversations become more customer centric, faster, smarter, and cost-effective. Customers only need to ask their question once, receive assistance on the channel and in the language of their choice, and can immediately settle matters by themselves. If necessary, we seamlessly provide a handover to an employee.

On all channels

Seamly is flexible and can be deployed across all channels, standard on web with options for app and the customer portal. We provide a best-in-class interface but also the option to build your own interface.

Utilise and reuse chatbot, voicebot, live chat, back-end, CRM, and feedback systems on the web, app, telephone, and popular social channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram.


The best interface

Seamly's interface is fully customisable to your own brand style. It seamlessly works on every device and is specifically designed to facilitate excellent digital conversations.

Moreover, Seamly's interface complies with all contemporary WCAG standards, ensuring that customers with disabilities can enjoy the same outstanding experience.

The interface also provides APIs to make the chat visible or invisible, initiate specific conversations on certain pages, or modify the text above the chat bubble. Additionally, it gives you the option to automatically translate the entire chat and interface into another language.


Seamless integrations

Seamly ensures seamless integration of your key systems. Exchange conversation information quickly and securely between, among others, chatbot, voicebot, live chat, back-end, CRM, and feedback systems. Our webhooks, for example, facilitate the push of data to CRM and call center systems.

With 50+ integrations such as Salesforce, Genesys, Zendesk,, Inbenta, DeepL, Microsoft, and Mopinion, we offer a wide range of integrations. If we don't have the integration you need, we can develop it upon request within 4-6 weeks.


Settle everything in one digital conversation