Client cases


Ruby is the digital assistant of Basic-Fit. Because of cross-platform support, made possible by Seamly, it’s possible to contact her in three different ways: through the site, the app, or at the kiosk in Basic-Fit itself. Aside from the usual access of the site, contacting Ruby through the app enables Ruby to remember you and all the information of your Basic-Fit account. Through this approach, Ruby is already acquainted with you, personalizing the dialogue you have with her. This makes the conversation more personal, making the sports fanatic feel that their case is being handled swiftly and adequately.

Feeling helped inside and outside the gym

We’ve made these changes to make contact forms obsolete. Now, if you want to make any changes concerning your Basic-Fit subscriptions, you can simply contact Ruby. When talking to Ruby, it’s also possible for her to connect you directly to an employee. By using this method, we’re keeping short lines of communication! We’ve also made it easy to organize your visit to the gym on-site as well. In every Basic-Fit there’s a Virtual Host that can provide a QR-code to directly access live chat from your phone, or you could start a conversation with Ruby!

Integration with other systems

We’ve routed Ruby through Seamly to Live Agent of SalesForce. By making this connection with their customer management system, it’s been made possible to send the entire conversation to an agent. This way, all agents have a clear overview of what solution is needed for a customer that contacts them. By providing this service, there is no need for customers to repeat themselves when entering live chat, and at the same time we’re automating a routine job that’s usually handled by your employees.