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Seamly is the link between
  • Chatbot
  • Voicebot
  • Live chat
  • CRM

Seamly provides top-notch integration between essential business systems, enabling seamless and secure exchange of conversational information. Whether it's through chatbot, voicebot, live chat, back-end, CRM, or feedback systems. Seamly ensures a superior user experience through one conversational interface.

What makes us unique



Seamly can be deployed flexible across a range of different channels. Connect Seamly to your customer portal, applications, social platforms and telephone.



Seamly seamlessly integrates with your back-end or CRM, enabling customers to fully arrange their business during a conversation by themselves.

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Seamly continues to develop and optimise our product to ensure that we remain at the forefront of digital conversations.



Seamly processes various types of data but does not store it. Seamly complies with all modern privacy and security requirements.

Highlight: Seamly Voice

Replace your phone menu with a voicebot. This voicebot can individually and automatically respond to questions or direct the customer to the correct employee, fully prepared to help the customer.

Up to 0%

reduction in the number of transfers via voice-assisted routing and planning.

Up to 0%
reduction in the number of calls by personally and automatically answering questions.

Customer Stories

Find out how our customers have elevated their digital conversations to a leading standard with Seamly.

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    Meet Tracy

    Within six weeks, chatbot and live chat were implemented, and the collaboration with DHL has now been ongoing for two years with positive results. Key features include efficient track-and-trace queries, real-time translation, and automated interactions, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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    Meet Pennenveer

    Together with the Efteling, we have developed a three-step plan to create a fantastic customer journey. With Pennenveer, the magical experience begins as soon as you start a conversation. Reserve a restaurant or hotel, inquire about waiting times for an attraction, or ask about show times. Pennenveer has all the answers.

  • logo_dela_resized

    Meet Roos

    DELA enhances their customer service with Seamly, deploying an integrated approach featuring a chatbot, live chat, and recently added voicebot. Key features include seamless integration, translations into multiple languages, and the use of the voice module for efficient customer interactions.

Settle everything in one digital conversation

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