Client cases


This is Tracy, our smart assistant that makes it easy for customers of DHL to retrieve information about their packages. Efficient customer service is paramount for DHL. That’s why employees and customers alike are both benefited by a fluid customer service. We achieved this by integrating Seamly into their system, thereby connecting all information streams.

Lost your package? No problem!

We all prefer to receive our packages today rather than tomorrow. By connecting Tracy to the Track & Trace database of their packages, we can access all the data that a receiver of a package might require. One example might be that customers can look up the shipping status of their packages. We’ve also connected Seamly to Obi4Wan LiveEngage. Through this connection, all relevant information of the previous dialogue is sent to a Customer Service Agent so that there’s a smooth solution possible when the customer has follow-up questions. This allows the agent to focus on what’s important to DHL: the customer.

Modelling the dialogue

The philosophy of Seamly is that we believe in continuous self-improvement. That’s why we’ve made it easy for feedback from customers to reach DHL. By integrating Mopinion into the dialog environment, there are no more pop-ups which ask customers for their feedback. Instead, Mopinion is activated within the dialog window itself, thereby encouraging Tracy’s conversation partners to send their feedback. To analyse the data, the entire Digital Journey is sent to SalesForce for further processing. This is what sets Seamly apart: regardless of the systems you’re using to support your customer relations, Seamly is capable of integrating them all to provide a seamless experience for the customer.