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Bram, Endre and Flurin worked together in the past at renowned organisations, within various digital projects. Their shared ambition to let companies to make use of the full potential of conversational brought them together and thus Conversationals emerged. A company that specializes in the smart and effective use of dialogue-driven interactions and is a forerunner in that domain. For customers Conversationals is an independent party that accelerates, unburdens and offers maximum flexibility.

Not much after Conversationals emerged, the idea for Seamly arose to enable the best collaboration between chatbots and important systems for companies.

Endre Davids

Consultant & Partner

Digital and customer-oriented innovator. Endre focuses on optimizing business strategies and results by applying useful innovations.

Bram Lenten

Consultant & Partner

The pragmatic translation of abstract and strategic discussions suit Bram very well. Bram talks and thinks quickly. When he enters an organization, he immediately recognizes opportunities and challenges.

Flurin Egger

Developer & Partner

Flurin is crazy about developing kick-ass solutions with great interfaces. And currently his work revolves mainly around conversation interfaces (such as chatbots, voicebots, etc.).