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Seamly offers the best collaboration between chatbots and key systems for companies. Exchange conversation information quickly and securely with live chat, CRM, feedback platforms and more! All through one conversational interface for the ultimate user experience.
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What is Seamly

Seamly is the ultimate platform for the communication of your back-end, front-end, CRM software, and Conversational Technology. The product has been developed in 2019 to provide a one-size-fits-all solution for the digital strategy of companies. With Seamly it becomes easy and safe to manage the information stream between the customer and your company.

Seamly is cross-platform and capable of communicating with different software as well. Meaning that we will implement Seamly with you on your available platforms, such as live-chat and by phone, and enabling you to integrate Seamly with the software that you’re using. Additionally, we are able to upgrade Seamly with modules that fit your company’s needs. For example, the real-time translation of messages or enabling customers to complete transactions with your chatbot.

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Why Seamly?

Best in Class Interface

Seamly is always adaptable to your corporate identity, while being responsive for every device. This is because Seamly can be integrated into the design of your company.

We want our software to be responsive for all your customers. That’s why we test the implementation of Seamly extensively in collaboration with you, making your digital strategy accessible and user-friendly.

In addition, we also put a lot of attention into adapting Seamly visually to make sure that it’ll fit nicely within the design of your corporate identity. Even when you update your website or other online channels. For example, we’ll update the User Interface with your identity, ensuring that it’ll adapt to your wishes.

Real-time translations

Seamly facilitates communication between a customer and employee by translating everything real-time that pops up in the dialog window.

At this point in time you can translate 26 different languages. First of all, this means that we can translate the chatbot for your customers. Also, it’s possible to translate the incoming messages of customers to your employees as well, thereby removing any language barriers.

This prevents your company from having to search for employees based on the languages they speak. For the customer this means feeling helped at your company. Additionally, you’re in charge of which languages are available, so that you can make changes aimed at your market.

Transactional Dialogue

It’s in your interest that your customers can access your services at any time of the day, without depending on a customer service that is only open during working hours. That’s why Seamly enables transactional dialogues. This way, you can serve your customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Because Seamly can be connected to your servers and collect all the information it needs, you can automate the processes that are usually being handled by your employees through transactional dialogues.

Through this approach, you can make the lives of the customers easier so that they, for example, can change their data without logging on to your digital environment. For your company this means that you can use your employees in other ways to heighten customer satisfaction, thus making customer handling a lot more effective.

Third party Integration

Your company is inseparable from the software that you use. You might have your own software that is integral to your company, or you might have thought of Seamly modules that you’d want to incorporate within your digital strategy to provide an ultimate solution for customer care.

Seamly is a node of information streams. That’s why the software is set up to cooperate properly with any other platforms you desire to be integrated. Additionally, we add our own modules that can seamlessly work together with your software.

We’ll arrange that any wishes concerning software will be implemented correctly, covering all bases. This way, you don’t have to migrate your services. Seamly will take care of making your online platform future proof without you needing to worry if the software will continue to communicate with each other.

Seamly integrations and connections

Seamly integrates with Inbenta
Seamly integrates with DialogFlow
Seamly integrates with Chatlayer
Seamly integrates with Salesforce
Seamly integrates with Cobrowser
Seamly integrates with Sugar CRM
Seamly integrates with Live Assist
Seamly integrates with Avaya
Hubspot and Seamly
Seamly integrates with M opinition
Seamly integrates with MS Dynamics
Seamly integrates with Zendesk
Seamly integrates with Genesys
Seamly integrates with Live Person




We proactively improve integrations with the APIs of the linked platforms to guarantee a permanent good and stable connection. In addition, we continuously optimize the accessibility of our interfaces.


Seamly controls the entire session from chatbot to chat and from chat to CRM, allowing us to generate data on drop-out ratios, potential of live chat, skill routings and transactional insights. This makes it clear where optimization is needed.


The Seamly core is modularly expandable with:

  • Seamly Voice (chatbot technology in the IVR)
  • Seamly Messaging (a-synchronous handling of conversations),
  • Seamly Translational (automated translation of conversations),
  • Seamly Transactional (link with back-end applications),
  • Seamly A.I (AI applications that optimize conversations or efficiency)


From €1000

per month
  • Low-code independent development of Conversational Interface
  • Interface outfitted in corporate identity on web and app
  • Smart features
  • Automatic and real-time translations
  • Daily and weekly reports


From €1500

per month
  • We develop your Conversational Interface
  • Interface outfitted in your corporate identity on web and app
  • Smart features
  • Automatic and real-time translations
  • Voicebot
  • Daily and weekly reports


From €2500

per month
  • We develop your Conversational Interface
  • Interface outfitted in your corporate identity on web and app
  • Smart features
  • Automatic and real-time translations
  • Personalization and Rich Media
  • Transactional processes
  • Voicebot
  • Analytics API and daily reports

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