Client cases


We made an all-in-one solution concerning Eneco’s digital strategy as well. Eneco’s priority entailed that we should make it easy for customers to ask Eneco a question. We also made their services more accessible to all their customers. Consequently, Eneco and its customers can spend their time more efficiently. Here’s how we tackled this project.

Transactional flows:

You don’t need to log in as a customer of Eneco to access their services. You can use your personal information to arrange your energy matters using nothing else but the chatbot. This means that you can communicate your meter readings directly to the chatbot or ask for your invoices by using transactional dialogues. Also, the chatbot will display relevant questions to the page you’re visiting at the moment. This way, it becomes easier for customers to keep an eye on their Eneco account.

Customer Service Agents

Because transactions are handled by the chatbot instead of human employees, it’s possible for Eneco to focus on training their customer service agents towards more in-depth aid for their customers. The support of the Digital Journey is done by Microsoft Live Assist, which makes the work environment of the agents hybrid. This means that the agents are being supported by a digital assistant when starting a live chat. Additionally, they are leaving the routine jobs to it, so they can focus on finding solutions for the customer.

Real-time Translations

The feature where we might be most proud of is that of real-time translations. The digital assistant of Eneco is able to translate 26 different languages, and this doesn’t only apply to the chatbot. Every part of the digital environment can be translated. Thus, not only the dialogue of the chatbot and customer is translated; but the conversation of customer service agent and customer as well. Meaning that both persons can converse with each other in their own language, while Seamly translates their messages. Now there is no language barrier for customers of Eneco who have not yet mastered the Dutch language, and these customers can feel like they’re being heard as well.