Terms and Conditions

Service Levels

We have a Seamly uptime of 99.5%, excluding planned operations.

Technical Support:
Support the use of Seamly during office hours.
Tickets will be picked up via support@seamly.ai

  • within office hours: 3h
  • outside office hours: 6h
  • reachable by phone in case of escalations


  • The non-recurring costs will be invoiced 100% in advance.
  • The invoicing frequency of the license is mentioned in the offer.
  • The contract period of the Seamly license is mentioned in the contract.
  • The contract period in terms of termination is specified in the offer.
  • A notice of termination can be given by e-mail to endre@conversationals.nl and the notice period given in the offer starts from that moment.
  • Conversationals hereby obtains explicit permission to store and use data for invoicing, execution of services and communication with the client and its contacts.
  • Payment term of invoices is 30 days