Senior JavaScript Developer

At Seamly (part of Conversationals) we’re looking to hire a senior JavaScript developer to become part of our product development team.

Seamly is a chat integration platform and user interface that facilitates routing between chatbot solutions and real-life chat operators over multiple channels (web, messenger, etc). Seamly offers the best collaboration between chatbots and our customer’s key systems. With Seamly you can exchange conversation information quickly and securely with live chat, CRM, feedback platforms and more.

As a JavaScript developer you are responsible for building new features in our chat interface. Part of the job is also writing tests and (peer) reviewing code. While you are part of the product development team, we may ask you to work on client implementations as well.

We are a remote-first team (all of us are currently based in the Netherlands).

We’re looking for the following skillset:

  • Extensive experience with React/Preact with a solid understanding of core hooks design patterns and principles;
  • well versed in JavaScript;
  • automated test experience using Jest and Cypress;
  • git (not just commit/push but also rebasing);
  • CSS and Webpack knowledge is a nice to have;
  • affinity with accessibility;
  • preferably speaks Dutch.

On a personal level we enjoy working with people who:

  • Are team players;
  • find quality important;
  • are able to drive solutions to completion;
  • have a keen business sense;
  • are willing to be critical about their work and ask questions;
  • respond well to feedback;
  • love learning new stuff.

What’s in it for you:

  • A position for 24 – 40 hours a week.
  • Work remote and independently.
  • You choose your own working hours during the week, but most of us are generally available between 9:00 and 17:00.
  • Once every now and then (when health regulations permit it) we will have physical sessions somewhere in the Netherlands.
  • Competitive salary (4k – 6k) with as many days off as you need.
  • A small and supportive team of peer senior developers.
  • A great opportunity to assume a lot of responsibility and grow quickly.

About Seamly/Conversationals

Our mission is to improve customer service everywhere by providing the tools to create fully integrated chat solutions driven by bots, systems and humans. Over 45 customers use our systems resulting in an average of 100.000 conversations / 10 million interactions.

Our back-end tech stack consists of:
Elixir (mostly vanilla OTP and some Phoenix), Postgres (+ TimeScale DB). We have about 80% test coverage. As QA we use Credo,
Mix format, Dialyzer and ExUnit.

Our front-end tech stack consists of:
Preact (modern with hooks), ES7+, Websockets, SCSS. For QA we use Cypress for E2E and Jest for unittests.

Want to find out more? Or can’t wait to start? Send us an email, call us (or text/iMessage us)(06 1943 4294), or apply directly!