More Seamly features

More personal automated conversations

In addition to extensive integration capabilities and the best interface, Seamly enables personalization. Personalize conversations easily through smart use of existing data in an app or customer portal.

Log full conversations

Connect Seamly with databases like CRM and automatically log a user’s full conversation, from the conversation in the chatbot to the conversation with a live chat employee. This creates an even better overall picture of a customer, a 360-degree customer image.

All systems integrated into one screen

Chatbots have become a popular solution that allows companies to save time and money, but above all to provide a better customer experience. Through Seamly, all information flows from integrated systems come together in one interface. This creates a range of new possibilities, such as seamlessly switching to live chat or making transactions possible in the chatbot.

Live chat preparation

When a user switches to live chat in the chatbot, all relevant information from the previous conversation is useful for the live chat employee and therefore shared. In addition to questions of and choices made by users in the chatbot, more contextual data can be sent along.

User connects with the right employee

Specific questions are answered by employees with the right knowledge of that topic. Seamly ensures that the user is forwarded to the right team or the right person, called skill-based routing. But, before doing so Seamly checks the availability of that specific team or employee. If no one is available, Seamly offers alternative escalation channels.

Link to a chatbot from any channel

A chatbot is easy accessible, available 24 hours a day and gives targeted answers or solutions to user questions or problems. When offering the chatbot where users are located they add more value, such as on the website and in the app. Seamly integrates conversational platforms with different channels such as SMS, WhatsApp and email.