May 11th, 2022


  • [Seamly] Introduced *Seamly Voice* using *Azure STT / TTS*
  • [Seamly] Measure used translations per service. This way we can report on the amount of livechat / botchat messages that have been translated.
  • [Seamly] Add support for getting the last agent from livechat services after transfer.
  • [Seamly] Transcript now contain event ID’s making it easier to sync message transcripts received in webhooks.
  • [Seamly] Make UI variant available in the context so pre-chat messages can differ per variant (requires @Seamly Deployments/web-ui ≥ 20.1)
  • [Inbenta Hyperchat] Add support for transfer details during handover.



  • Fix: [DCX] In rare cases messages from DCX and the livechat service would intermingle.
  • Fix: [Seamly] Notification webhooks now receive correctly structured messages when a notification should be triggered.
  • Fix: [DCX] Issues with special characters used within links.
  • Fix: [Seamly] Excluded phrases now work correctly when they (partially) overlap.
  • Fix: [Parley] Current agent participant is now captured in all message types, fixes issue where the wrong (or no) agent name would be used for canned responses.
  • Fix: [GenesysPurecloudChat] websocket heartbeat handling.
  • Fix: [Translations] Order of languages in translations dropdown is now alphabetically.