June 23rd, 2022


  • Security improvement: Rendering and parsing of messages now strictly escape all HTML instead of stripping tags.
  • Allow use of topic in pre-chat messages. This means pre-chat messages can be varied based on topic.
  • Add support for triggering a topic on idle. This allows us to trigger a “Are you still there?” message on any channel. It also has support to trigger different topics.
  • [Parley] Make transfer messages optional. This could potentially fix an issue where Parley would see the transcript and transfer message at the same time.
  • Measure used translations per service. This way we can report on the amount of livechat/botchat messages that have been translated.
  • Add support for getting the last agent from livechat services after transfer.


  • Wake of hibernation of certain messages failed. All conversations with this issue can now be resumed.
  • [KubionIris] Properly handle messages from the service as HTML
  • [CoBrowser] Allow setting a default avatar if CoBrowser does not provide one.
  • [DCX] In rare cases messages from DCX and the livechat service would intermingle.