Client cases


Meet Pennenveer! This is the magically intelligent chatbot that we built in association with Efteling. First of all, Seamly enables visitors of Efteling to contact them easily on Efteling’s channels. Also, we’ve added some features to their chat environment, allowing visitors to quickly arrange their experience while visiting the park. We’ve addressed their wishes as follows.

Transactional Dialogues

One of the most important features we added is the transactional dialogue. This means that it is not only possible to retrieve information from the chatbot, but the chatbot is able to make transactions for the customer within the system of Efteling. For example, visitors can make reservations for wheelchairs on the day of their visit to the park. This can all be achieved without the need of a customer service agent making their reservation.

Talking to Pennenveer

If guests choose to contact Efteling by phone, they are welcomed by Pennenveer as well. Pennenveer will guide them to the channel they want to be helped on. They  can choose to be connected to an employee on the phone. Otherwise they can receive a text message to start a chat session with one of the agents. Because we’ve implemented a smooth path for customer contact, we’re enabling a rearrangement of the workload between the agents that work on the livechat department and those of the telephonic department.

Knowing what’s been arranged

It’s in the customers best interest for them to know what’s been discussed on their Digital Journey. It’s a priority for them to access all the information in a neat package without this getting lost after closing the dialog window. That’s why we’ve empowered guests to send everything that’s been discussed to their email. This way, it becomes easy to look up the address of the Efteling hotel when you’re on your way for your overnight stay.